Journey of Kryptonite Microsystems | 2021-22 | Roadmap | Nvidia Certified Website

From Scratch to Attack to Verified Journey!

Greetings Gamers and Developers!

Kryptonite Microsystems has completed two milestones this month with the help and support from all of you that we would like to share with you all.

Kryptonite Microsystems has been retailing and distributing all gaming PC, accessories and hardware from top brands since 2013 as we all know. We received multiple requests across India regarding going online for systems and we considered it.

From Scratch to Attack to Verified Journey!

Our technical staff is working hard to get the best of the best prebuilds for our gamers and developers and we put multiple prebuild systems on website that caught the attention of many viewers. We update our website and database frequently to accommodate with the current demands, offers and technologies. 

Our pickup and drop after sale service and free online technical support have been a great help to our buyers across India that boosted our morale too. 

Nvidia certified System builder Website!

OUR TIRELESS EFFORTS FINALLY PUT US ON GLOBAL MAP. NVIDIA GLOBAL RATED OUR WEBSITE 10/10 FOR PREBUILDS. we are the only indian website to get such ratings for prebuild systems by Nvidia Global.

We went live in May, 2021 with many preconfigured computer systems for gaming as well as for developers and slowly increased the new configurations in it. It has been one year since we started taking orders of prebuild systems online and we already have reached more than one hundred PC order mark this month therefore it is a special occasion for us as we are celebrating two milestones completion together.

Your faith, trust, and support to us worked like a miracle for us and even a hundred millions of thanks is not enough for that. We are not stopping here. This was just a beginning and much more to be done through our website.