best-prebuilt gaming PC

Should I build or buy a gaming PC?

To build or not to build? End the dilemma and get the answer. 

When it comes to gaming, either we should buy a PC, or we should settle for a prebuilt one? If you are a gaming geek, you are always puzzled to go with the best pre-built gaming PC or show some skills and DIY to build one. 

Your Old gaming rig has served you well for years, but now with the latest releases and upgrades, it’s time to  Buy Pre Built gaming PC. While it’s extremely common these days for gaming geeks to amp up their skills and build computers from scratch, there are surprising gamut benefits of owning a pre-built one and avoiding the fuss. Building your own PC can be cheaper, rewarding and you could add extra ingredients of customizations while, on the other hand, prebuilt is quicker, easier, and reliable. 

The myth usually surrounds people that buying components from nooks and corners of local stores or buying them from online wholesaler stores would reduce the cost of an overall gaming PC. But the fact is Pre-built gaming PCs are affordable yet embedded with quality components that can give you a decent gaming experience. 

Let’s have a glance at some of the key factors of buying pre-built gaming PCs

  • Storage Size 

Your gaming rig takes up more and more space over time. Along with it, upgrades and patches also absorb more space. Among all this, you might be confused about how much SSD or HDD space you need as a Pro Gamer?

Gaming consoles and PCs are becoming powerful with detailed graphics and higher resolutions. An average PC can take 40GB to 1TB SSD spaces. If you are looking for gear that should have combined gaming, photo, and video editing, project files, then leverage it and go for 2TB so that you won’t be short on space. 

  • CPU Power

A gaming PC requires between 300-500 watts per hour to run, translating to 1400 kWh annually. If you are using your best-prebuilt gaming PC for mining cryptocurrency, it will pull more power than one that’s turned on daily. 

The higher the CPU power, the more powerful the processor you would have. Most modern CPUs are built with 3-4 GHz. 

  • Upgradeability 

With upgraded technology in the market forever and ever for motherboards, RAM, GPUs, storage, and CPU, there are chances that you might need to swap with a better version and your requirements. Ensure that your best-prebuilt gaming PC gives you the flexibility of upgrading easily with technology and requirements. 

Over time you would rather spend a hundred bucks on a shiny Nvidia Card or RAM rather than buying a preconfigured new PC. 

  • RAM Power

From 16Gb to 32Gb, the Best prebuilt gaming PCs are available in variants that can ultimately clamp your requirements and demands. You can easily upgrade RAM in your PC to complement your motherboard. The more RAM you run, the more buttery smooth things.

Don’t get lost in options.

Kryptonite Microsystems is a boutique for prebuilt gaming PCs. Whether you are looking for components or looking for a perfect decent solution that remains unsurpassed performance and value. We can deliver a meticulously crafted gaming PC that meets your gaming requirements at competitive pricing by using the best components and veteran builders.