About us



E-Sportz Club and Music Zone.

A gaming café that has all the top gaming brands for retail and food court for the gamers as well.


Why Kryptonite Microsystems’ E-Sportz Club?


This café has one of the most premium gaming ready computers for premium feel that will run all modern games at its maximum potential and will give the highest level of entertainment to the gamers.

All the computers are powered by intel 8th generation i7 processors with MSI GTX 1080 Gaming X graphics cards and this combination alone will blow the gamers’ minds with highest possible FPS for all games even at highest in-game settings.

All the premium category of systems will have 2x  MSI GTX 1080 Gaming X cards in SLI.

Do you want more?

Well, this is the first gaming café in India that offers 1TB SSD in all computers so that no gamer has to wait longer for his game to get loaded. 

All the top games have been already loaded in this SSD and that are as below:


1. League of legend

2. Fortnite

3. Rainbow six siege

4. IRL

5. World of warcraft


7. DOTA 2

8. CS GO

9. GTA 5

10. Overwatch

11. Battlefield 4

12. Battlefield 1

13. Team Fortress 2,

14. The Forest


Do you want even more than that?

Every single computer has Asus 3D enabled LED monitor with 144 Hz refresh rate and 1ms response time. Now you don’t have to worry about gameplay lag.

That is not all for display. The premium systems are powered by Asus 27”gaming monitors with 165 Hz and 1 ms response time.


What else does a gamer want?

 You are concerned about peripherals. Well, we have got a few of the deadliest weapons for you that are Logitech G512 RGB mechanical keyboards and Logitech G502 Proteus Spectrum RGB tuning gaming mouse combined with highest rated mouse pad across the world Logitech G440 so never worry about input lag and give your best to defeat your enemies.


For racing games, we have Logitech G29, 3D Joystick and Logitech Driving Force Shifter for your full entertainment.


You can hear your enemy fire and movement even clearer now with the help of even deadlier weapon in your arms. This is Sennheiser GSP350 headphones featuring 7.1 Dolby surround gaming headphones and that makes us the first gaming café to get powered by Sennheiser, the Leader in Audio technology.

Why a streamer should care about a gaming café?

We are the first gaming café that has Logitech C922 Pro webcam specially designed for real time streamers. Play, Stream and Earn with no extra cost.


What if I want to be a part of the game rather than just playing it??

We have an arrangement for you dreamers too. A very powerful computer powered by intel 8th generation i7 processor and 2x GTX 1080 Ti graphics cards is waiting to take you for wa walk in the sky using HTC Vive Pro.


What a gamer can do if he has no time to visit a café?

We have tied up with Acer and MSI for their best of gaming laptops at our retail showroom so that you could choose your machine as per your requirements.


Why one should visit us if he is a console player?

We have a secret weapon for you too. We have Sony Playstation 4 Pro with 3D headsets and 4K display that will  blow your minds.


Do you still need more reasons to visit us?

We, Kryptonite Microsystems have tied up with many top Gaming brands like Antec, Cooler Master, NZXT, GSkill, Crucial by Micron, Samsung, Asus, MSI, Inno3D, Intel, AMD, Steel Series, Razer, Zowie by Benq, Predator by Acer, Sennheiser Gaming, Sony Playstation 4, Logitech G-Series, Thermaltake and so many such brands with all their gaming products at our retail showroom. That is right. We have a retail showroom designed for gamers with all the top gaming brands with us. 


Apart from that, first time in India we are introducing experience zone for gamers in which all the gamers will have opportunity to experience the product he is interested before buying it. 

Last but not least. 


We have some for music lovers too. We have tied up with top music brands Sennheiser, Sony and Ultimate Ears by Logitech for Music experience zone. Feel the music inside and decide your headphones or speakers.


We have all trained gamer staff who are ready to guide you for any of your needs.