2021 Best Prebuild System “KRYPTONITE MARCOS WITH MONITOR” | with Battlefield 2042 Mod cabinet

Greetings Soldiers from Kryptonite Microsystems.
A new dawn is upon us. A new era is beginning. A new battle is shaping up. It is time for us to jump into a battle named BATTLEFIELD 2042 to show our bravery, intelligence and skills just like Indian MARCOS do in real life battles.

What is MARCOS?

MARCOS stands for Marine Commandos, an India division of a few of the deadliest soldiers in the world. MARCOS operates in all situation and terrains in air, land and sea with their ultimate might and skills. Most of the people are unaware of MARCROS therefore we did something to highlight this name many places.

Relation between Battlefield 2042 and MARCOS,

Electronics Arts is about to release their one of the biggest and most anticipated titles BATTLEFIELD 2042 in November, 2021 that we all are eagerly waiting for. But there are only a few people who knows that they first time have introduced our ex-MARCOS in the game that is NAVIN RAO. There is also a rumor of a map in Battlefield 2042 designed based on ALANG, a place in Gujarat. These two additions are honors given to us by EA Games and we are to celebrate it with something special.

Brave soldiers should be given honor, right?,

Kryptonite Microsystems has come up with something special for all of our Battlefield fans. We have designed a battlefield 2042 themed PC specially designed for Battlefield fans and named it MARCOS to honor our brave soldiers. The PC is powered by intel i5 11th gen processor and Nvidia RTX 3060 to give maximum performance in all upcoming games. You could enjoy not only Battlefield 2042 but all the latest titles like Far Cry 6, Call of Duty Vanguard etc. at 100+ FPS in Full HD resolution (FPS may differ as per settings in game). That is not all, Kryptonite Microsystems is also giving away copy of Battlefield 2042 standard edition to whoever purchases MARCOS PC before 15th November, 2021. One lucky buyer will also get Logitech G Pro X Headset, G512 carbon Keyboard and Logitech G502 Hero mouse for free.

So your affection to Battlefield and to our deadliest force MARCOS by purchasing this beast gaming PC.

We expect tremendous support from all of you soldiers in this campaign.

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See you all in the Battlefield…….